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Planned Projects (All Others)

Futarippochi cover Futarippochi
by Ikeda Riyoko - one-shot
Joou no Kizu (The Queen's Scar) cover Joou no Kizu (The Queen's Scar)
by Akino Meguru and Shinozaki Tsukasa - one-shot
Kiseki Goten (The Miracle Palace) cover Kiseki Goten (The Miracle Palace)
by WAKO - 1 volume | adult
Kools cover Kools
by Takahashi Miyuki and Watanabe Makiko - one-shot
Maria-sama ga Miteru doujinshi cover Maria-sama ga Miteru doujinshi
Assorted Maria-sama ga Miteru doujinshi
Medusa cover Medusa
one-shot by Yamagishi Ryouko, published in Medusa | joint with HotCakes
Mou, Kirai! cover Mou, Kirai!
one-shot by Takemiya Keiko, published in Bravo! La Nessie
My Dear Romeo is a Girl cover My Dear Romeo is a Girl
one-shot by Miuchi Suzue, published in Shirayuri no Kishi 2
Other doujinshi cover Other doujinshi
Assorted doujinshi
Reijin na Hito (Gorgeous Woman) cover Reijin na Hito (Gorgeous Woman)
by Kobayashi Takumi - 1 volume | adult
Ricchan cover Ricchan
one-shot by Yoshino Mari, published in Ricchan and Dessert Summer 2009 Special
Sailor Moon doujinshi cover Sailor Moon doujinshi
Assorted Sailor Moon doujinshi
Secret Love cover Secret Love
by Yashiro Masako - one-shot
Selfish Juliet cover Selfish Juliet
by Iizuka Shuko - 2 volumes | mature
Tremolo cover Tremolo
one-shot by Nakai Mena, published in Dive
Yume Message (Dream Message) cover Yume Message (Dream Message)
by Ariyoshi Kyouko - 1 volume
Special thanks to Steve.

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