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Contact Lililicious

Please contact us with any feedback, questions, comments, etc. We'd especially like to know if you hear about another group scanlating (or planning to scanlate) any of our current or future projects or a company planning to license them.
If you would like to help out, please email us! :) In particular, we can always use graphics editors, especially those with experience editing manga. We are also open to doing joints with other scanlation groups. If you're looking to get into editing, we recommend reading a few editing guides. We don't really need any manga translators unless you're pretty much fluent and interested in translating articles from Yuri Shimai, but we are interested in good anime translators.
If you'd like to translate our scanlations into another language, please feel free to go ahead and do so--there's no need to ask our permission. Please include proper credits in your scanlation; we'd also be interested in hearing about it once you've released some of it (it's neat to know what languages people are translating yuri into!). We recommend checking with other groups who scanlate in your language to be sure you aren't working on the same project as someone else.
Here's our contact email.

Our IRC channel is: #lililicious @ irc.rizon.net
If you're unfamiliar with IRC, there are many guides out there that explain how to use it. Just google "IRC guide" (or, if you're looking for information on how to download files, "IRC fserve guide," minus the quotes). You don't need a special program to use Rizon; you can connect right through their website.