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Rose of Versailles cover Rose of Versailles
by Ikeda Riyoko - 10 volumes | dropped

This series has been licensed by Udon Entertainment. Please buy it from them if you enjoyed it!

A classic manga about Oscar Francois de Jarjeyes, a girl who was raised as a boy by her family and who ends up being part of the guard of the French Royal Family right before the French Revolution. Oscar has a deep friendship with Marie Antoinette, although they both eventually fall in love with the same man. The main yuri is between Oscar and Rosalie, a girl who Oscar takes in who has vowed to get revenge for her mother's murder. Historical fiction with emphasis on action and drama.

See Bijou Blade for scanlations of the BeruBara Kids manga.

A note for French speakers: a commercial French-language edition of this manga has been put out by Kana.
A note for German speakers: a commercial German-language edition of this manga has been put out by Carlsen Verlag GmbH.
A note for Spanish speakers: a commercial Spanish-language edition of this manga has been put out by Azake Ediciones.

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