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Sweet Blue Flowers (Aoi Hana) cover Sweet Blue Flowers (Aoi Hana)
by Shimura Takako - 8 volumes | dropped
Was a joint with Kotonoha

Extra: The Athletics Meet - June 30, 2010 - 1.7MB [mirror]

download hosted by Capricious Whim and xklerios

All other downloads have been removed because the series has been licensed.

A sweet school story from the mangaka of Sweet 16.

This manga has been licensed for digital release by DMG/eManga. If you enjoyed it, please buy it from them when it comes out!

Fumi and Akira were best friends when they were little, with Akira always looking after the crybaby Fumi, but that all ended when Fumi's family moved away. Several years later, Fumi's family returned, and she and Akira happened to bump into each other on their way to school. They became friends again, quickly slipping back into old patterns. Shortly after, Fumi began dating a cool, attractive upperclassman who, coincidentally enough, had ties to Akira's current school, the prestigious Fujigaya Girls' Academy.

"The Athletics Meet" is an extra from The Sweet Blue Flowers Primer (ISBN: 4778320972).

A couple of chapter title corrections (based on info recently published in The Sweet Blue Flowers Primer on the titles of chapters 1-18): chapter 11 should be titled "The New Dawn" ("La Nouvelle Journée"), after the novel in Romain Rolland's Jean-Christophe series, and chapter 12 should be titled "Take No Farewell," after the book by Robert Goddard. Also, the title of chapter two comes from the Japanese title (based on the film adaptation, presumably) of the Stephen King book The Body; the title of chapter 10 is a reference to the book by Nagano Mayumi; and the title of 18 is a reference to the play by Dazai Osamu. (Chapter 13 is the one chapter title that does not refer to another title; it's a maxim from The Merchant of Venice.)

A note for French speakers: Asuka is putting out a commercial French-language edition of this manga.

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