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Our First Time (Hajimete, Kanojo to) cover Our First Time (Hajimete, Kanojo to)
by Morishima Akiko - 1 volume | mature

A collection of extras for a few of Morishima's earlier Yuri Hime works: "The Conditions For Paradise," "We're Aiming For Love Now," "A Lapis-Lazuli Blue Dream," and "Honey & Mustard."
This collection has been licensed by Seven Seas. Please buy the English edition from them!
The first story, "The Conditions For Paradise: Side A," examines Sumi and Sarasa's first time from Sumi's perspective.
"The Conditions For Paradise: Side B" picks up where "Side A" left off, this time from Sarina's perspective.

In "We're Aiming For Love Now: Side A," Lalah has a dream about Shinobu and wakes up to find it is Christmas Eve.
"We're Aiming For Love Now: Side B" continues the story, with more glimpses into Lalah and Shinobu's past together. And Lalah asks Santa for something special this Christmas...

"A Lapis-Lazuli Blue Dream: Side A" tells Sayaka's perspective of her first time with Ruri. (Note: Unlike the other stories in this collection, there is no "Side B.")

"Honey & Mustard: Side A" takes place at the same time as Office Romance chapter 3, and explores the days leading up to the business trip to Sapporo.
"Honey & Mustard: Side B-1" and "Side B-2" tell how Kaori and Mitsuki first met.

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