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Sayuri-hime 5 (Mini Yuri-Hime 5) cover Sayuri-hime 5 (Mini Yuri-Hime 5)
Incident at Honnoji Temple - released August 26, 2011 - 1.5MB [mirror][mirror2][mirror3]
Worrying - released October 28, 2011 - 1.2MB [mirror][mirror2][mirror3]

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A special mini-edition of Yuri Hime magazine with extremely short one-shots/stories and illustrations by several Yuri Hime, Yuri Hime S, and Yuri Hime Wildrose regulars. This book was sold at a special event.

We'll only be doing any extras related to our projects.

Natsuneko's "Incident at Honnoji Temple" is a short teacher-student story. Note: This story is more interesting if you know the basics of the historical Incident at Honnoji.
"Worrying" is an extra for Takemiya Jin's "Adorable to Me."

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